Shaun B. Coleman
Co-Founder, General Manager

Shaun Coleman is a Vector board member and Vector’s first investor. He is spearheading the GalacticSky division as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Space Data Systems, and he also leads marketing strategies as Vector’s Chief Marketing Officer. As an experienced entrepreneur and investor having founded 4 four startup companies, Shaun brings more than 25 years of enterprise software, virtualization, computer networking, information security and marketing expertise into the role. Prior to Vector, Shaun held executive leadership positions at RSA Security, VMware, Citrix, Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories. He leads a team of seasoned developers in the Silicon Valley who will build the next generation of software-based space systems. Shaun holds 19 issued US Patents in the areas of cryptography, computer security, virtualization and satellite technology.

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John Metzger
Vice President, Software Engineering

John Metzger leads the GalacticSky software architecture and development team. He brings 40 years of in-depth experience and knowledge in a multitude of areas including software architecture and design, network protocol optimization, network and systems management, cryptographic solutions, video optimization, packet inspection, and virtualization. Early in his career, John was the co-founder, Vice President, and Chief Technical Officer of Software Decisions, Inc., which was purchased by Ungermann-Bass Networks and then subsequently acquired by Tandem Computers.  John then went on to become the VP of Engineering for several Silicon Valley startups which were acquired by Seagate, HiFn, Akamai and Opera. 

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