“Beyond the Cloud” Computing

Today’s satellites are inherently inflexible and purpose-built for a single mission, relying heavily on ground stations to analyze data, wasting time and valuable resources.

GalacticSky™ offers the next generation of satellite technology — adding a smart cloud-computing layer to microsatellites, creating a truly software-defined satellite. GalacticSky-enabled satellites can dynamically change orbital missions, thus providing the most relevant information to users — saving time, bandwidth, and money.


Obtain Actionable Data Faster

On-orbit processing allows for only the most relevant data from space — saving time, bandwidth, and resources on the ground


Maximize Operational Efficiency

Shared services infrastructure provides scalability on a single satellite or across multiple satellites – streamlining operational tasks


Create Secure, Multi-tenant Environments

The ability to offer several isolated environments on a single satellite — allowing for more than one customer to share satellite resources


Improve Reliability

Self-healing, state monitoring and recovery within and across satellites — provides protection for your valuable assets


Make Mission Modifications Anytime

A software-defined satellite architecture that has the ability to add or change the mission itself — extending its useful life while increasing revenue potential


Utilize a Common Architecture

The same payload can be deployed on any satellite (LEO, MEO, GEO) or airborne node — offering a completely integrated solution


The GalacticSky Solution

GalacticSky™ combines modern computing hardware with a set of GalacticOS™ software services, making tasks such as scheduling, deploying, monitoring and managing resources for satellite applications simple, through the GUI or set of REST APIs. Customer applications operate in their own virtual machine environment containing the necessary processor, memory, storage and sensor resources, allowing for single- or multi-tenant satellite configurations. Redundancy and security are built-in so that developers can focus on application functionality on the operating systems of their choice.


GalacticSky Processor Configurations


The GalacticSky System

An expanded view of a GalacticSky system
that would be placed into a satellite in orbit

GalacticSky together with Citrix®

Citrix Hypervisor is a leading virtualization management platform optimized for application, desktop and server virtualization infrastructures.

GalacticSky Issued Patents

US Patents. No. 9,641,238 9,876,563 10,084,534 9,722,692 9,991,951 9,740,465 9,875,091 9,998,207 10,225,001 9,960,837 10,069,935 9,819,742 10,250,319 10,305,582
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Patents Pending

 GalacticSky modernizes Space through virtualization technology…stay tuned! 

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